Staten's Island

Get Stranded!

Every once in a while a search and rescue helicopter will pass close to the island looking for one of its inhabitants that have long been missing. You might see the glow of the search light, but the only thing that has a chance of getting saved here is your grade. Do one of these "grab-labs" for extra credit. The rescue choppers are always dropping off new survival packages; and, of course, things get swept away by the tide, so you'll never know what you might find. You'll need Adobe Reader to view the files. You can download it from the DIY page on the menu above.

These activities will allow you to gain some ground on the island. They are forever changing and usually themed in some way. Your job is to construct these scientific devices out of heavy weight card stock paper and deliver them to your teacher. Each one has a scale of how much extra credit you may earn for your hard work. Of course, you can always try your hand at one of the harder projects that do not have a theme. Although, everything will have something to do with science. Now go out there and earn your keep. After all, Darwin was stuck on an island when he made up the theory of the survival of the fittest. You know? Only the strong survive! Are you strong enough to beat this island?

Themed activities:  

The week of December 15th: Looks like your care packages were dropped off this week by a sleigh! Finish these Christmas inspired science activities to earn yourself 50 extra credit points. You'll need to search hard for the key ingredient, Borax. Hint: Ask Mrs. Rainwater.

Your present this year is from Jim Lindsey over at Hooked on Science. This trick lets you make some cool crystalline candy canes using a solution of Borax and boiling water, and if you bring in one you will earn 20 points. So get out there and decorate those palm trees to give the Island that Christmas feel.

Need some bulbs for your palm trees? Here's some Christmas cromatography for you! These concepts use capillary action and cromatography to create a strand of Christmas bulbs! You can get 15 points for making a strand of lights.

The week of October 10th: The helicopters dropped off some holiday themed care packages that floated up on the beach. Try your hand at putting these Halloween inspired science toys together out of heavy weight card stock paper, glue, and some scissors. Either one of these will get you 25 points extra credit

This balancing bat is sure to thrill you as it defies gravity! Actually, it just uses the science of center of gravity and equilibrium to trick you!

Build this vampire catapult to show how the science of simple machines and potential energy can create a pretty efficient ancient weapon. You'll also need the instructions


Some helpful tools:

The helicopters dropped off something that might help you navigate your way off this island and across the ocean to civilization. I doubt it, but if you get this tool put together, you will earn yourself 35 extra credit points

This paper globe has a lot of steps, so be very careful when constructing it. You wouldn't want to get lost, again. Haha!

The helicopters dropped off a couple of sail boats to help you float off this island. If you can put them together you could earn yourself 20 extra points! 

Actually, they're just miniature windboats, but they show how Bernoulli's principle allows air to pass around one side of the airfoil (sail) faster than the other side to cause movement. They also show alternative fuel sources with "wind" power. Although they only thing you'll float on is a cushion of air, at least your grade won't sink.

This model might help you if you study it closely. It's worth 10 extra credit points if you can construct it correctly. Be sure to read about it, so you'll understand how this natural process works. 

Since this island is full of unexplored regions, you may run into a volcano or two or three. There are actually three main types. Here's one type that might appear on the island.          


Some Friendly Faces:

It's a search PARTY, and look who's invited! Take a long look at your guest list, since these may be the only faces you see for quite some time. Each person you befriend will earn you 10 extra credit points. Just bring your friend to school to meet your teacher so he can log your points into the grade log. Construct these guys out of heavy card stock paper so they will last longer.

Albert Einstein is a famous scientist best known for his theories of relativity and how space is like a big blanket that is forever stretching and you can somehow bend it to travel to the past and future. Too bad you can't travel back to the day you got stuck on this island! Maybe if you ask him to help you, he might find you a way out.

Need a superhero to rescue you? Try out Frank Einstein (Sounds like Frankenstein, doesn't it?), the Madman. Frank was a hitman who was killed in a car accident. He was stitched back together and brought back to life by a pair of mad scientists, Dr. Egon Boiffard and Dr. Gillespie Flem. This resurrection left Frank with supernatural reflexes and a slight degree of precognitive and empathic powers.

What would a fictional deserted island based soley on scientific principles be without Robby the Robot? Robby the Robot first appeared on Forbidden Planet, a movie made in 1956. Since then, his basic design has been featured in a lot of different movies, television shows, cartoons, and comics. He is probably most famous and most confused with Robot B-9 from Lost in Space, based on the famous Swiss Family Robinson (a family shipwrecked on an island much like this one). A famous quote from this robot is "Danger, Danger, Will Robinson."

I bet you're pretty close to Skull Island on the map, but I hope you don't run across King Kong. Just in case you do, here is a mask to help you survive. Print your King Kong mask, cut it, attach strings, and guard yourself against any unfriendly apes!

If you find any unexplored caverns, you might want to have this guy along for the expedition. This is an Doctor Henry "Indiana" Jones cutout.