Staten's Island

Get Stranded!

Tread softly, for you are about to journey into an unexplored region of Staten's Island. It is strongly recommended that you use caution when venturing out on your own to experiment. Although these are "Grab-Labs" for you to take with you to work on your own, you should still follow all rules and regulations. Take head before your begin.

You will need Adobe Reader to view these files. Get it before you begin by clicking the button to the right. 

Get the Virtual Density Lab Worksheet before you do the Virtual Density Lab found under my list of games and virtual labs.  

Make a CD hovercraft. Now there's a vehicle that might help you escape the island! Here's a tip from me: Use a "pop top" from a water bottle instead of a piece of pipe. It will be easier to add the balloon.

Need to communicate with the outside world? Make yourself a radio speaker the old fashioned way!

Need a refreshing snack? Make your own icecream! 

Inertia Magic Tricks

This Milk Carton Bird Feeder is fun and functional!

Phineas and Ferb Chain Reaction Do-It-Yourself Starter Kit

Phineas and Ferb Printable Cutouts 

Prank Your Friends' Drink (Use a small pin instead of a nail or paperclip)

Your mission should you choose to accept it: Be a spy with a license to quill. Write with "invisible" ink! Not enough? Here's another way to send and decode secret messages!

Make your own slime. Here is a tip from me: Add "Glo" paint from Wal-Mart's craft section and your slime will glow. If you want it slime green, then you need to add a drop of red to your drops of green food coloring. It will turn out a great slimey color! Trust me, I love this stuff.

December 2010: Just in time for the holidays! With a similar ingredient in the slime activity, you can make your own holiday themed ornaments! Here's a tip from me: use only white stems and create a geometric snowflake. Use the same instructions provided. You'll get a cool crystal snowflake instead of a candy cane, or you can really get into the spirit and make both.  

 Explore the science of pressure and sound by making a sound effects finger phone.

You might be lucky enough to have some old electronic devices on the island. Wnat to test an old battery without sticking it to your tounge? Make your own galvanometer to test the flow of electrons.

Make your own spool racer toy.  Just wind it up and watch it race. All you need is a spool of thread, a rubber band, and a few other easy to find items.

 Remember the grain elevator explosions that we simulated in class? If you don't then take a look at the scrapbook under the chemical reactions tab to see pictures of the fireball. After reading an article about one of the biggest grain elevator explosions in history, make your own replica silo. Don't try the grain elevator explosion experiment at home, especially with this paper cutout. Paper is extremely flammable.