Staten's Island

Get Stranded!

                                       Beyond the walls of Room 234


Get Stranded on Staten's Island




Since time is all you have, take some to explore all the spots:
Camp: This will bring you back here.
Rucksack: A rucksack is where you keep all your camping gear. This tab will house links to games and websites that might relate to science.
Survival Gear: This is where you can print off rubrics, permission forms, etc. if you misplace them.
Scrapbook: This is a digital photo album of our adventures together.
Vidiography: This is where you will find videos that relate to concepts in class if you are absent or need to extra help.
Spotlight: Are you drowning in class? Under this tab, you might find things that will give you some extra points.
DIY: DO IT YOURSELF! If you love science and want to try some things at home, this is the destination for you.

Message in a Bottle: Send out an SOS with this feature. It will go directly to a school-based mail and your destination and computer will be assigned an ISP number.






Introducing PREZI, a cool new tool that you might like better than Powerpoint!